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tv   [untitled]    February 21, 2012 5:48am-6:18am PST

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we have it on a website its $58 it's this five versions that run on the right brown and ron is just a few left of those finely here's my host take the high dramatic for so many years so much of a higher price is the lowest has ever had for the high command 113563 diapason 3786 blue black and a couple if you want that one need to run really run fast look at that couple that some very purple like tropical trend. couple
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11356 $413 wheezing don't get much design erasable numerals this is much beyond that there's a chronograph alloy you focus on the bracelets the design eyal thing in their watch comfort and the world has its design i designed it 20 years ago it's truly a form and function together itself adjusting the angle bracelets will just grab your rest by dishonestly another thing that stands up on its own you can
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basically finance of watch and theseus the cars and busiest to with this watch spree amazing designed for higher gas proper way to wear this one show to everybody crownets of the next shot opening up in the coffin on the arrests at the comfortable cloth yes onerous that i do simply is pushing down and then they now if your awareness watch it and get a lot of attention by people with his common venomous saying wendy waring for multiple thousand dollars of watches a
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monopoly they paid one- third team that the kind of cloth wrapped in your wrists it's comfortable because of the attention of this brings it's going to just slightly kravis it superluminal nova put this on your bedstand for this on your bedstands this can be a little cloth a recession which you and shaking hands and feet of that not all of your high chromatics and chronographs if remands photographs we also have skelton neff flew black and purple this is also
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before you you are placing orders for the final order to come through like a said it just happens to me find it simpler and purple remaining assets cripple but it's fine that purple saw the deep eggplant herbal it's got some very next 1/3 to 56378520 to almost 2300 and of the south, and has used the 171 open the day window is a little red arrow piquancy its it's pointing towards the present date is to be pointed 21 fell go ahead and fans that flow
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across the first and 10:00 weis in a contest and i will push it back in if you have to make a chronograph try this one is so read second hands which will start sweeping the i say once and even movements for the crabgrass second half-asleep second automatic nc sundial which is your 62nd hand and a quartz watch is a quartz watch the that blue-collar a allis had a dual it's a different hand tone of the couple
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and of many of you love having varieties of watches by continue seeing purple and i have is purple id different hand towns and use different textures asian it gives another opportunity to collapse the tinderbox compares side-by-side it's a really like have the sensation achievements we larimar to place sell its of fun hobby and the knowledge that you get is just incredible scene,
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callers this one is completely gone 11:00 a.m. central new eastern time he saw as tank dive that will be featured watch and that our if you do want the man to this with the vivid green and yellow accents for jackson's 8794 we have only three remaining his another dive master for one they 359 and 39 case of the bloom alveolus heidi that summer between three names with the
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concept t it's the past couple for the black stretch of great date sundial it's a great buy because of the movement's to like the complication of the 1:00 position this is movement will be back and noon 11:00 a.m. central time the meantime christie is, with mr. chalk samuel fashions of the later bid tuesday morning and is christine kwan me for the next two hours chuck clemency will be here phone lines of the open live talk to the first hour this all about the diamonds second hour is a combination of chips favorites on our this hours dedicated diamonds and taste of values coming up in just a moment is that the stage this is still coming attraction they
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use very limited final quantities would diamonds a yellow diamonds done in this wonderful set design and telling you ran ladies very limited it's a set of three times out colored diamonds blue cognac in yellow and 6ยข and then we have diamonds in the rough for you more just arrived here this has been how could there be brought back for you not many to go around seven dozen times sense and it's the for the staggering but it's very exciting to have diamonds my host and for you it's about an inch in this dining is calling
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to the story in this hour limited final quantities look of the price point away many of its setting and to color diamond and some use the earrings' them wearing
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the contemporary they're sheep and then the grand ring will largest presence in the ring and we have and the whole morning visit dome designed in also done in a bill designed baum is mark hues a shopnbc credit card from communal that one can apply for one on miner
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over the phone from good tuesday morning to an end zone see aquino today as room mcclure in the grain was earning green over there and so organists said william a biome to why we go right to that and this is so special because those
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three diamonds in the center most people live never seen this lesson and was remember ametrine them in pieces farm um and 41 percent of them little as it can and so back in november and is a much was becton to under dollars more a
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leader remember so you know how this could be here today and now wanted to be sent in about the pride and avenue collection arm is a very me color for green diamond costs, intimating current acid this last night and
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third availability of a myth to be a canary and in maginnis keeping them in this sized now i love we're wearing green men like this is a stand-alone, i'm in the beacon is the jets' leading normal clara with this one blooms a rarity choose win that
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contest 7 named to what we wearing another designer non tons a 10 unharness go a number to and the promise and i said this last night at a finger as the b-2 says don this morning says five and six nao very very limited baum of
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like the flexibility and a cholera and almost certain stop and luscious near ready and mink in new zealand and meanwhile moussa met about that and on and on
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but that means many lesser folk but nance could lug i am and is a great day and the this ring on libby, an alltel work with that malevolence and nearest
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and this was so great about this on and we had a green apatite now the closest to and there's nothing out there is an immediate a fancy diamonds bloom that in some the about and those green them and
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their many years to that of the color green lenses are frequent is is there diamonds means you given severance and use a white rhodium with the white diamonds are with those three
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committees of the justice center portions it will lessen the state look and then we did on the side and the fact of its ring diamonds, as the vintage quality anywhere that that lesson that ring one l a file with narrower the tail but a window should get that and other christine bouse it's a good director used to wear but those and black bread and if you want to give up the color down and that's pretty to do elvira and incite the queen of diamonds you know ring have some
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great neckpieces that of a beautifully to and the late this open neckline and that's when those fake mystique any crops in lincolnshire and 160 and unlike in any way is over 40 years and of and the questions of those as a ladies' room me tell me your ring diamonds and makemie them is a but then
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because europe and the three jet them in some room and then looks like three and that's bad love me know your friends in the same on the green diamonds and as a an artist and increasing them in the
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winner's woundfin a baby again many villages want the fed to is a better way is a jury self purchase gift- giving did yourself on as a whole category of carats mistreating itself that the one here from you and so limited glutamine zealand ammons more just arrived in about half a dozen each
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user princess cuts and this just a burst on 678 and one of the largest rings in the morning together the $946 and change 5789 in the and after the quick and certain things this morning and lawrence the week the in the week is all about this time in in the host from and in the building on or near
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a lot of stories on it in your current actual vs and once again for entertainment memo is one of its amiga the placidly shovel and the kit and the does it begin the end and to the chair will have to choose your doing on the work is not done were the best i is own for
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$20 $30 and mentally ill flat said ring on where one mistake in then intimidated in the yen in sivas first and give it the last and it's the last rose beef in the case and the payments a
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good for the day of innocence igorot design union this twisted rope in the middle and you want to do and mrs. champagne for the in
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last look here a 67 and then and only now on some of the going to the king cake to and during the kincaid on and then flown in from norman's back in the day and to give to get in here


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